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C++ & C, JAVA, HTML, WML, MEL Scripts, Assembly 65xx/8088/386/486/68xxx, UML, Basic, Fortran, Cobol, Pascal, Flash & Action Script
Operating Systems & SDKs:
Windows, DirectX, Win32, MFC, Windows Mobile 5/6, XDK, WinDDK, Mac OSX, Flash/Flash Lite, JSR 184, OpenGL, BREW, J2ME, MIDP, CLDC, NES, Atari, Commodore 64, DOS, WildTangent Web Driver


Development Tools Used:
Maya, MS Visual Studio & .NET, XCode, Macro Assembler/Editor, PsyQ, EAGL, Eclipse, ProDG, Various Wireless Toolkits, Direct Media, REAL, P2, GUIDuck, GX, NPDP-GDEV, Rational Rose, Monitor Tools, BREW, ARM RealView Compiler Tools, Code Warrior, Cocoa

Versioning Tools Used:
Perforce, Subversion/SVN, CVS, Visual Source Safe

SQL Navigator

Game Programming Methods/Techniques:
Concurrent Multi-Platform Development with source sharing, Graphics Pipeline Development, Parallel Development, 3D Graphics, 2D Graphics, Multimedia, AV Streaming with audio mixing, GUI develpment, Mobile Porting Tool Development

Memory Models:
Flat, Dynamic and Fixed, Custom Memory Managers

Force Feedback game pads, joysticks, controllers, mouse and keyboard handling, USB HID specification,

Auto-racing, fish behavior, RPG NPC's, strategy and puzzle games.  Research into perceptron simplification/adaptation to computer memory models and pseudo-intelligent entities.  SOM of Neural Nets

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